How Ridiculous Social Media Interactions Would Look, If Acted Out In Real Life [Video]

Ad demonstrates how our digital behavior doesn’t translate into the analog world.

Every wonder what Facebook, Twitter, and other social media behavior would look like outside of the internet? Ad agency Ogilvy Johnnesburg wondered the same thing, which led them to re-create social media interactions in real life.

“Data” was originally created to advertise the company Cell C, a leading mobile provider in South Africa, and highlights a social phenomena many of us have failed to question. The video features a character who goes around the city posting “Like” post-its on random objects, “following” strangers, and other bizarre social activities.

cellc 2

Just think how different life would if we used a Polaroid instead of Instagram or if updating a status required you to shout it aloud in public. This film challenges the audience to think outside of the box, and imagine a world without social media.

Here is what life would be like without data.