Designer Builds Dream Car Free Of Marketing Gimmicks [Video]

The Reboot Buggy is a response to the perceived over styled, over hyped cars sold today.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on October 30, 2013. @DavePinter

Joey Ruiter isn’t too fond of the direction car design has taken recently.

I’ve personally becoming more and more frustrated with new automobiles. The fluff, the marketing, the gadgets, the nicknacks, and the do-dads are overwhelming. I want to go back to the drive. When the drive was enough. We’ve layered and layered until I saw a cover for a cover under a hood covered in paint with a cover to protect the paint? … Seems silly to describe but that is a true statement. It’s just all gotten out of control.

The Grand Rapids, Michigan based designer let his mind ponder what sort of car he’d create for himself that he really would get excited about driving. What he imagined was an open air, powerful, go-anywhere car he calls the Reboot Buggy. In this must-watch video, Ruiter explains what motivated him to undertake this project and offers words of advice to anyone struggling to realize their own ideas.

Reboot_Buggy_Joey Ruiter_1 Reboot_Buggy_Joey Ruiter_2 Reboot_Buggy_Joey Ruiter_3 Reboot_Buggy_Joey Ruiter_5

Joey Ruiter

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