Richard Branson Calls Upon Social Media Fans To Find Lost Camera

The Virgin Group founder asked his Twitter followers to try to find filmmaker Chris Jupe’s GoPro that was tied to balloons.

Filmmaker Chis Jupe was at Richard Branson’s estate in Oxfordshire last weekend and was using a GoPro camera tied to a pair of balloons to take aerial shots during a party that Branson was having for Virgin Train staff.

Unfortunately, the fishing line he used to secure the balloons snapped and they, along with said camera, went flying off towards Newcastle. Well, that’s according to Branson’s post on his blog.

Branson has asked his 3.5 million plus Twitter followers to try to find the balloons. He wrote, ‘So let’s try a social media experiment – if you spot the balloons then tweet @ChrisJupeUK.’

This isn’t the first time Branson has called on folks to try to find a lost balloon and there’s no word yet on any sightings of the escaped GoPro camera, but it would be fun to see if it turns up somewhere.


Richard Branson