Shadow-Casting Wall Depicts Different Star Wars Characters Depending On The Light [Video]

Design team manipulates light to reveal secret film images in Google’s Zurich office.

How awesome is it to have secret Star Wars art hanging in your office? Created by Drzach & Suchy, “The Force” is a custom wall piece made for Google’s Zurich office that depicts images of Darth Vadar or Yoda depending on the shadows cast on the wall.

After ten meticulous hours of stacking shadow casting pieces, the design team brought the installation to life. Using over 16,000 Lego pieces, “The Force” will definitely be part of the office’s permanent art collection.

star wars 3

The Drzach & Suchy design team utilized the same light-dependent textured “pixel” technique in a handful of other projects. Creating macro-lenticular images has become an distinguishable trait of the firm. Projects such as  “Nature Calling” and “*Geek” are other examples of the firm’s shadow creativity.

Here is a time-lapse video for making of “The Force”.

The Force