Travel Agency For Stuffed Animals Sends Toys On Vacation

Unagi Travel takes stressed animal pals on trips when their owners can’t travel.

Unagi Travel is a unique Japanese travel agency that lets stuffed animal owners live vicariously through their toys’ travels. Intended for those who are housebound or can’t afford a trip of their own, the Japanese service takes plush friends on an adventure for $55 or less, depending on the trip. Current vacation packages include Kamakura, Yokohama, Tokyo and a ‘Mystery’ tour. Owners receive updates including photos and videos, which are also posted on the agency’s Facebook page.

‘Armchair travel’ is no new phenomenon, but Unagi adds a very personal twist by allowing would-be travelers to send fluffy companions in their stead. Check out the video below of a depressed Teddy who returns rejuvenated from a trip to Tokyo.

Unagi Travel