Street Food Market Helps Customers Get Around With Tweet-Powered Rides

The Tweet To Ride rickshaw service at a new indoor street food market lets customers pay by sharing a tweet instead of giving cash.

The folks in Leeds can share a tweet and get a ride to the new indoor street food market in Trinity Leeds.

Launched to celebrate the opening of Trinity Kitchen, the Tweet To Ride rickshaw service drives customers to the new food market for a tweet. People can get a ride from one of ten rickshaws available simply by tweeting and including the hashtag #TrinityKitchen.

The rickshaw service is a great way to attract people to the new food market. Instead of ordering food delivery, customers are delivered to the food vendors.


Trinity Kitchen is a new take on street food. Each month, five street vendors from across the country are selected to offer their goodies at the indoor food market. Trinity Kitchen works with Richard Johnson, curator of the British Street Food Awards, in choosing the street food vendors.

Aside from the changing street vendors, the food destination also has seven permanent restaurants like Pho Cafe, Chicago Rib Shack, 360 Champagne & Cocktails, PizzaLuxe, Tortilla, Chip + Fish and Notes Cafe.

The Tweet to Ride service is available across the Leeds city center from 11 in the morning to 9 at night from October 17th to October 19th.


Trinity Leeds