Food Scent Kit Lets Users Savor Unhealthy Flavors Without The Calories

Food-scented cartridges will appease your late-night food cravings and make for an economical lifestyle.

Japanese company Scentee’s recent invention is an alternative to filling your belly with junk food. The Hana Yakiniku, translated to mean “Nose Grilled Meat,” uses food-scented cartridges that plugs into your smartphone via the 35mm jack to dispense all kinds of food aromas. Cartridge scents include, coconut, corn soup, cinnamon roll, barbecued meat, short ribs, and bizarre collection of others.

food 1

The idea of the Hana Yakiniku radiates from the company’s desire to help people stay true to their diets, helping them cut the calories and extra expenditures on food. Easy to use, the device works as soon as you choose a flavor and plug it into your phone. After downloading the free app, you can just sit back (with a bowl of rice) and let your imaginative taste buds do its work.

Hana Yakiniku