Wireless Kettle Lets Users Make Tea Without Getting Out Of Bed [Pics]

The iKettle is a WiFi-enabled kitchen appliance that can be turned on using a smartphone.

Manually putting the kettle on for tea? So old school. With the iKettle, you can boil water without getting up from wherever you are in the house.

The iKettle is a WiFi-enabled kitchen appliance that you can control using your smartphone. It’s great for those who want to snooze a little bit more while waiting for the water to boil in the morning or those who don’t want to miss any crucial scene while watching their favorite shows on TV.


The iKettle has four different temperature settings so users can set it for the appropriate drink. Once the water has boiled, the user receives a notification on their smartphone. The iKettle asks if the user is ready or if he or she prefers to keep the water warm for a while.

The sleek stainless steel kitchen appliance also has a Wake mode that wakes users up with a message that says, ‘Good Morning! Would you like me to pop the kettle on? Yes / No.’ Users get a similar message as they step inside their house upon arriving home from work.

As the description on its purchase page says, ‘Embrace laziness and enjoy perfect hot drinks, what’s not to like?’

The iKettle is available for pre-order exclusively at Firebox. Priced at a cool £99.99, the first stocks arrive at the end of November.


Images via Firebox