Bacon-Scented Deodorant Leaves Wearers Smelling Like Breakfast

Bacon-Scented Deodorant Leaves Wearers Smelling Like Breakfast

A new line of gag product makes people smell "Meaty Fresh."

Serena Chu

Just in time for the holiday season, uniquely scented fragrances and candles that smell like Kentucky fried chicken are great stocking-stuffers and quirky, gag gifts. Seattle-based J&D Foods proudly presents a new addition to their ever so popular line of bacon-inspired products – bacon-scented deodorant.

Sweaty armpits is one thing, but smelling like you just walked out of a diner kitchen with bacon strips shoved in your back pockets is fragrant on a whole other level. The Power Bacon 24-hour perspiration guard will definitely make one the center of attention. Just be sure you are not in the wilderness without a firearm while wearing this tantalizing deodorant. It’s time to stop sweating like a pig, and make a $10 investment in something your nose won’t regret.

Power Bacon Deodorant

Source: Gizmodo, Food Beast

Images: Food Beast

PSFK Writer Serena Chu