Scale Bookshelf Demonstrates Owner’s Literary Prowess [Pics]

Scale Bookshelf Demonstrates Owner’s Literary Prowess [Pics]

Visualize the polarity of your knowledge with this distinct design ornament.

Serena Chu

Chris Cush of Cush Design Studio executed an impressive bookshelf that is completely held together by black twine. The Balance Bookshelf is a functioning balance in itself. You can place books you have finished on one side, and books you have yet to read on the other. It is a new way to visualize your knowledge, and gives you an idea of just how “balanced” your knowledge is.


Constructed of black painted steel pipe fittings and a small pine wood platter, the Balance Bookshelf is a decorative wall piece that can liven up your living room. It can accommodate approximately 5-10 average sized books on each shelf, so it would be smart to have another set of books around to compliment the weight on the other side.

You can find this bookshelf on Etsy, as well as shipping arrangements to suit your preference. Cush’s Etsy site has other minimalist-inspired home furnishings, do not forget to check them out.

The Balance Bookshelf

Source: Etsy

Images: Etsy

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