Special Soap Bars Drip Blood, Not Water [Video]

Special Soap Bars Drip Blood, Not Water [Video]

A Russian ad agency replaced the hand-washing materials in a club bathroom to promote the movie Carrie.

Leah Gonzalez

To promote the horror movie Carrie, a Russian ad agency placed a special type of soap in the bathroom of a club during a Halloween party. Users were unaware that rinsing off with the soap turns the water red, turning the simple act of hand-washing into a scene straight out of a horror movie.

Although most of the confused or shocked club-goers left the bathroom in a hurry, many of them were clued in on the prank when they grabbed the paper towel that had the words ‘Carrie, In Theaters November 14.’



Watch the video of the unique promotion below.


Source: DesignTAXI, Ads of the World

Images: SonyPicturesRU





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