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Interactive Mirror Displays Movements As Computer Graphics [Video]

Interactive Mirror Displays Movements As Computer Graphics [Video]

Hand motions can be translated into digital images.

Serena Chu

Designed by Teehan + Lax Labs, D.I.G.I.T is a digital mirror with a camera feed that translates movements and actions into computerized images. It is like looking into a mirror, but instead seeing an identical reflection of your hand, you actually see it in 3D. This interactive display features 48 individual seven-segment panels, and uses an openFrameworks application to receive its motion commands. Each of the 1344 LEDs is controlled with a single Arduino micro-controller. D.I.G.I.T. comes to life depending on the changes of the background frame and the current frame during intervention.

screen 3

The motion graphics and camera feed can display animations close to 30 frames-per-second. Hand motions are turned into digital interactions, where numbers and shapes become 3D illusions. With this first model being a huge success, the team is already looking to expand the project to a larger and more impressive display of LED artwork.

Here is a video of D.I.G.I.T., check it out and see what happens when technology meets art.


Source: Teehan + Lax Labs, Design Boom

Images: Design Boom


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