10 Stories You Need To Know Today

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Kids overwhelmed by McDonald's ads, London getting own domain name and Twitter running pre-roll ads.

Nestor Bailly, PSFK

Disney turns to storybook apps to get kids into movie theaters. Variety

Twitter now running pre-roll ads. Mashable

Advertisers wary of Snapchat, but see opportunity. AdAge

Samsung said to plan Galaxy phone using a three-sided display. Bloomberg

Google Earth launches high-resolution global deforestation map. TreeHugger

London to get its own domain name in 2014. Guardian

Amazon’s AppStream wants to use the cloud for streaming games across devices. Wired UK

Siri could soon crowdsource tough queries. Fast Company

American kids see more than 250 McDonald’s ads per year. Mashable

European Commission says yes to in-flight calls and mobile broadband. Guardian

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