Stand-Alone Doors Transport Bystanders To Another European City [Video]

Company SNCF placed brightly colored doors in public places around Paris that enabled people to experience other cities.

Railway company SNCF has followed their campaign which offered the people of Lyon to take a quick look at Brussels with a new one that let bystanders see other large European cities. Brightly colored doors were placed in public spaces around Paris, enabling passersby to experience other places just by opening them.

Stand-Alone Doors Transport Bystanders To Another European City [Video]

SNCF and TBWA\Paris made it happen for lots of pedestrians, who were able to play with a mime artist in Milan, have their portraits drawn in Brussels, dance with a hip-hop crew in Barcelona, share a romantic boat ride on Geneva Lake, and join a group of young Germans on a bike ride across Stuttgart.

The interactive and fun real-time experiences helped create multicultural links among Europeans, with sophisticated technology used in a custom-made digital screen that fit perfectly inside a doorframe. You can check out the campaign in the video below: