Facebook Exchanges Real-World Coding Assignments For College Credit

Facebook Exchanges Real-World Coding Assignments For College Credit

Facebook is now offering courses in software engineering.

Serena Chu

To better prepare today’s computer science students for the job market, Facebook, in collaboration with notable universities around the US, introduced a new kind of hands-on curriculum. Students enrolled in the company’s Open Academy will receive class credit for participating in the various Facebook open source projects. What is more awesome than attending a Facebook 101 class in the company’s headquarters?

open academy

Mentors are there to guide the educational process, offering students support and oversight. The program is meant to turn book-smart students into real-world engineers. After a successful pilot at Stanford last year, Open Academy has expanded to 22 universities. Just to name a few, UPENN, UC Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon have all signed on board.

Facebook shared their insight regarding this rigorous opportunity:

Projects are often larger than the people who participate in them; project management and interpersonal relationships can have as much impact on software design as technical issues; and systems are ultimately evaluated by user satisfaction rather than technical merit

Open Academy

Source: Tech Crunch

Image: Tech Crunch

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