Security System Lets Users Knock On Their Phone To Unlock Their Laptop [Video]

A new way to unlock your Macbook without touching it.

Would you like to unlock your Macbook with your cellphone? Well, the technology is now out there. The concept comes from Knock, an application that lets users “knock” on their phone to sign in. As long as you have the app downloaded on your iPhone, you do not even need to take it out of your pocket to use its feature – two knocks on your phone and you’re in.

Knock works by tapping into the low-energy Bluetooth connection that enables two devices to communicate. The login password is encrypted using RSA encryption.

The app is made for iPhone 4S and up, and is compatible with newer Mac computers 2011 or newer. You can download Knock for $3.99 here. This new magic trick could be a great conversation starter for you in a coffee shop.

This is just the beginning for Knock, and developer William Henderson hopes to expand this technology to everything with a lock – the house, the bike, and anything in between.

Here is the developer’s witty informational video about Knock.


Source: Knock

Images: Knock, Apple