LED-Lit Carpets Transform Floors Into Interactive Signs

Philips and Desso partner to create light transmissive carpets.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on November 21, 2013. @greenidealism

Philips has teamed up with the flooring company Desso to start work on a new product called “light transmissive carpets.” It’s carpeting that features LED lighting woven into the fabric, and has a lot of potential applications when it comes to signage. Whether it’s arrows, logos, or text, carpets could soon provide you with important information that you access just by tilting your head.

A mockup for the technology shows people being directed through an airport to the baggage area. For facilities with multiple routes or functions, the lights could also change to represent the one that is most relevant at the time. Temporary signage is another example, such as directing people in theaters to the nearest exit during an emergency.


Another interesting application is ambient lighting, which would allow users to set entire areas of their house to give off a certain shade of light. You could turn your living room to a soothing blue color when it’s time to read, or go for something more vibrant in your office when you want to focus.


The pair make it clear that the product is real, not just a concept, and will be available in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) regions at first.


Source: The Verge

Images: DessoPhilips

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