Full-Length Movie Packed Into One GIF

Full-Length Movie Packed Into One GIF

Your brain will not be able to keep up with the images before your eyes.

Serena Chu

The members of one subreddit squeezed the entire three hours of Avatar into a succinct GIF that runs through the screenplay in a couple of seconds. Instead of capturing funny facial expressions or iconic moments like the kissing scene from the Notebook or Simba nudging Mufasa after the stampede, these GIFs run-through every single scene of a movie in an unfiltered lens.

The private subreddit is called Full Movie GIFs. Films like Top Gun, WarGames, Aliens, Pacific Rim, Finding Nemo have all been turned into mini-length movie blurbs.

Subreddit moderator matt01ss wanted users to give movie-lovers another perspective and shared that:

I thought it would be interesting to see what an entire film would look like in a quick GIF form. You see interesting things with color changes, camera angles and overall production style when viewed in this fashion.

If you ever feel the need to re-watch a classic, but just cannot be bothered with sitting around for hours, this might be your ticket.

Full Movie GIFS

Source: Wired

Images: Wired

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