Paper Folder Pops Out Into A Fully Functional Table Setting [Pics]

Foldable tableware that eliminates kitchen clutter and promotes green living.

For this years Red Dot Design award, See Yew Siang showcased “Pop-up Tableware” that can be folded, washed, dried, and stored flat again. Once opened, the piece becomes a placemat with a pop-up bowl and cutlery. Diners can lift the flat spoon and fork from the placemat, and with some simple bending along the pre-established fold lines, three-dimensional utensils are created. When it is not in use, the tableware set looks like a simple white folder, and can put away without any unnecessary clutter.

While this environmentally friendly design was only awarded an honorable mention, it does not discredit the fact that this prototype can be a practical addition to any small apartment kitchen.

Pop-up Tableware

Source: Red Dot

Images: Red Dot