Redesigned Alphabet Helps Bring The Arts To Underprivileged Children [Video]

Red Peak Branding turned to 45 artists and illustrators to create a custom typeface.

The A to Z Project was created to rally the creative community around the belief that art education is transformational and should be available to all. A custom font was designed for Free Arts NYC, an organization that brings arts education to underserved children.

Alphabet Helps Bring The Arts To Underserved Children [Video]

45 artists, designers and illustrators were asked to create a letter, number or symbol. The typeface serves as the foundation of the rebranding initiative with Red Peak Branding.

Alphabet Helps Bring The Arts To Underserved Children [Video]

It is made up of playful and diverse artworks that represent the capacity of the arts to give life to an authentic, creative voice. The rebrand welcomes a fresh identity and renewed momentum to further impact the lives of underserved children and families throughout New York City. You can check out the story of the A to Z Project in the video below:

Free Arts NYC

Sources: Free Arts NYC, Vimeo

Images: Free Arts NYC