Grandchildren Transform Their Elders Into Superhumans

Design student puts a fresh perspective on ageism with this excellent photoshoot.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on November 13, 2013. @greenidealism

It’s all too easy to assume that just because someone is passed a certain age, they are also past their prime. Design Academy Eindhoven student Yoni Lefevre set out to challenge this perception with a new photo series that shows just how amazing grandparents can be through the eyes of a child.


Lefevre asked four children to draw pictures of their grandparents, which resulted in crayon and color pencil drawings of superheroes, not old and useless shells of their former self. Anne, 10, drew her grandfather with 10 amazing octopus-like arms, who’s simultaneously playing soccer, fishing, raking, ironing, and feeding his pets.

Children have this very honest image of their grandparents. They see them as people who still can do something and are valuable in their lives.


The student then enlisted the help of her mother’s elderly pedicure clients to reenact the grandchildren’s drawings. As you can see from the pictures, the result is a set of funny, and touching images that combat ageism by showing the elderly from an unexpected perspective.

Yoni Lefevre

Source: FastCoDesign

Images: Yoni Lefevre

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