Video Game Meals Recreated As Real-Life Dishes [Pics]

Daniella Zelli runs the site Gourmet Gaming, where she creates physical versions of the foods found in popular virtual worlds.

Arts London graduate and professional video game tester Daniella Zelli runs a website dedicated to the foods featured in popular video games. For Gourmet Gaming, she creates real-life versions of these virtual snacks and meals.

Video Game Meals Recreated As Real-Life Dishes [Pics]

Zelli helps to illuminate an often overlooked part of the gaming world, by sharing recipes for food found in games like The Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros. For each one, she includes a difficulty rating and a mouth-watering picture.

Visitors to the site who enjoy her recipes are encouraged to send their own ideas and suggestions from their favorite games. Click through to see a selection of food from Gourmet Gaming:

Gourmet Gaming

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Images: Gourmet Gaming