Vintage Cameras Maintain Their Beauty As Lamps [Pics]

Vintage Cameras Maintain Their Beauty As Lamps [Pics]

Photographic relics are reborn as modern light fixtures.

Serena Chu

Ystudio gave vintage photographic devices another purpose by transforming them into functional table, floor and wall lamps. The studio collected broken flashes and devices that are beyond repair to be used as the main outer casings for their lamp collection. Every piece of theĀ Reborn collection is completely hand-made, honoring an art that has transcended through time.


Crystal lenses have been replaced by small light bulbs on a double reflex camera. An old flash, bent at a 90 degree angle, now serves as a modern lamp that is accented with brightly-hued wires. Anyone with a passion for photography will find these light fixtures the perfect addition to their artistic decor.


Source, images: Design Boom