VW Transforms Beetle Into A Working Spa Jacuzzi [Video]

For its “Beetle Caravan Campaign,” the car company transformed the iconic car model into an “open-air hotspring.”

As part of its Beetle Caravan Campaign, Volkswagen Japan transformed a 2013 convertible Beetle into an “open-air hotspring.”

The concept was created by Mr. Maekawa, a contestant who entered and won a design contest.

To transform the car into a “hotspring,” the rear seats were converted into a space that could house a fully-functional jacuzzi. The transformed Beetle also had a cedar enclosure and a hot water heater.

The “beet-ju” was then parked on an area overlooking Mt. Fuji to emphasize the comforts that the newly-converted car can give.

Check out the videos below for more about the campaign and how the Beetle was transformed.

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Volkswagen Japan

Source: DesignBOOM

Images: Volkswagen Group Japan