3D-Printed Loudspeaker Encourages People To Print Electronics At Home [Video]

Cornell students push the boundaries of this new manufacturing technology.

Serena Chu
Serena Chu on December 17, 2013.

Apoorva Kiran and Robert Maccurdy, both graduate students at Cornell University, used 3D printing to create a fully-functioning loudspeaker – shell, electronic components and all. The “Everything is 3D Printed” project calls for two printers, each with their own purpose. One is used to create the coil, which requires a special silver ink extrusion, and the other one is used to create the magnet, which is a blend of Strontium Ferrite.


The concept of 3d printing is no longer foreign to us, and this project is proof that scientists are making process in the development of better 3D printers. Hod Lipson, associate professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Cornell, said, “we’ve only seen the tip of the ice berg with this piece of technology.”

Here is a short video that shows how the loudspeaker was made.

Source, Images: Design Boom