Airbag Phone Case Protects Delicate Devices [Video]

Airbag Phone Case Protects Delicate Devices [Video]

In this concept design, Honda applies car manufacturing principles to keep your cellphone safe

Ross Brooks

No matter how tough your mobile phone case might be, there is always the fear that one day something big enough, heavy enough, or hard enough will come along put an end to your fragile touchscreen. Honda knows this, which is why they decided to do some work on an airbag-equipped enclosure called “Case N.” They have a lot of experience with airbags, so what’s to say they can’t apply that knowledge to keeping your phone safe?

Before you get too excited, the truth is that the case isn’t real. The good news however, is that Honda decided to create a very real, and very emotional video that describes the search for a case that was able to protect it’s fragile charge. It’s in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand the language to understand the message.

With Case N is unlikely to ever see the light of the day, it’s an interesting concept, and shows that even Fortune 500s can have a sense of humor.


Source: AutoBlog