Audi Debuts Sportscar Sculpture At Design Miami

The brands' emblem gets transformed into dynamic large scale installation.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on December 24, 2013. @DavePinter

Longtime sponsor of the annual Design Miami show, Audi has in the past used the event to debut new models, highlight new technologies and commission architects to create one-off installations. This year, the automaker focused on their racing program with an installation called Fragmentation.


Audi commissioned Schmidhuber, a German exhibition and branded environments design firm to create the site-specific sculpture. Using the Audi Sport signature red rhombus emblem as a starting point, Schmidhuber extended the shape into a three-dimensional module. These were combined to form a large rhombus shape when viewed from straight on, but broke apart when visitors changed their viewing perspective.


The installation formed the backdrop for two Audi R8 models on display, a red R8 Spyder and a silver R8 LMS ultra customer racecar. The latter is a factory supplied competition version of the R8 meant to be used specifically for top end sports car racing.


In addition to the visuals, located adjacent to each car was a pair of headphones and an accelerator pedal mounted to the floor. While wearing the headphones, visitors could hear the engine sound each car makes by revving the gas pedal.

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