Uber’s Data Scientist On The Importance Of Knowing One Thing About Everybody [PSFK SF 2013]

Bradley Voytek explains in this PSFK event video how the firm crunches passenger information to deliver outstanding service.

Data scientist Bradley Voytek recently spoke at PSFK’s launch event for our Future of Retail Report in San Francisco about his work at car service Uber. He explained how user information with location and temporal data could be analyzed to find unexpected and useful correlations. He said,

I don’t need to know everything about everyone; I just need to know one thing about a bunch of people.

Uber has been leveraging its customer data to provide unparalleled service and grow to a $3.5bn business. Watch this video, kindly sponsored by Revel Systems, of Voytek’s talk from the conference below:

Video kindly sponsored by Revel Systems. Learn more about PSFK’s Future of Retail report here.