Candy Furniture Looks Good Enough To Eat [Pics]

Art project packed with artificial ingredients and eye-catching colors.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 5, 2013. @greenidealism

It’s not normal to try and chew on your household furniture, but most people would understand if you were sitting on a piece of furniture designed by Matthias Borowski, a graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven, and one half of the brainpower behind studio Kollektiv Plus Zwei. He designed a collection of candy-like objects for his thesis called “The Importance of the Obvious,” and yes, he wanted to try and set your taste buds tingling.

After some initial experimentation, he found that plastics could be manipulated and layered up to create the different patterns found in most confectionary. The materials themselves served as a message about the various additives and artificial ingredients that go into most sweets these days.


There were other techniques at work as well, ”For the nougat object I used resin and wood, and for the layered candy I used transparent resin with colour pigments,” said the designer.

Click through to the gallery if you don’t believe how good they look:

Kollektiv Plus Zwei

Source: Dezeen

Images: Matthias Borowski

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