Redesigned Chess Game Features Teleporting Queens

Instead of just black and white armies, a modern version of chess now entails 21 possible combat matchups.

Serena Chu
Serena Chu on December 20, 2013.

Game designer David Sirlin injected mass amounts of steroids into the traditional chess set to create the ultimate strategy game. Called Chess 2, the game lets players choose among six armies and 21 possible match ups. Different armies have different purposes: For example, the “Nemesis” army gives pawns the freedom to move anywhere on the board, while the “Reaper” army crowns a queen with the ability to teleport and capture anywhere on the board except the opponents back row.

With such dramatic changes, the centuries-old game becomes a wholly different challenge for players. Frank Lantz, director of NYU’s University’s Game Center, praises Chess 2 and shared, “It may be hubris to think about how to improve on [chess], but it’s a kind of hubris that I admire.” As if achieving checkmate wasn’t hard enough as it is, Chess 2′s variations will give champions a run for their money.

Chess 2

Source, Image: Wired