Chinese Desert Resort Appears Like A Mirage [Pics]

The Lotus Hotel designed by PLaT Architects has buildings that blend into their surroundings.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on December 10, 2013. @leahgonz

The Lotus Hotel, designed by Beijing-based architecture firm PLaT Architects, is a resort complex with buildings that blend into the surroundings.

The resort is located in the Chinese Xiangshawan Desert and PLaT Architects took into consideration the limitations of the geographic conditions of the hotel site and designed a structural system created out of pre-fabricated steel panels and skeleton structures that help keep the building stable in the sands. The base of the building is like a large container of sands and the sands in and out of the structure exert the same pressure, thus, keeping the entire structure stable. The walls are load-bearing to lessen the pressure on the base and help stabilize the building.

Lotus-Hotel-by-PLat-architects-2 Lotus-Hotel-by-PLat-architects-3

The exterior design of the hotel resembles that of a lotus flower. Triangular panels fan out over the building and provide protection from the sun and the elements. Local materials are used in most of the interior design to give guests the full experience of being in the desert.

The Lotus Hotel is only one of the many structures planned for the Xiangshawan Desert, which is being established as a tourist destination.

PLaT Architects

Source: DesignBOOM, ArchDaily

Images: PLaT Architects

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