Customizable Video Game Puts Players In The Director’s Chair [Video]

FRAMED is an animated graphic novel where users control the outcome.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 13, 2013. @greenidealism

You’re probably used to playing video games, but do you think you’re ready to direct one? FRAMED is a narrative-puzzle game set in a noir comic book world  that gives you a chance to do just that. It’s a lot like an animated graphic novel where each panel depicts an important action or event. The only difference is that after watching each scene unfold, you get to rearrange the panels and change the outcome of the entire game.


The game was create by Joshua Boggs, Adrian Moore, and Ollie Browne, who left Firemint shortly after the independent mobile studio was acquired by Electronic Arts. Within months, in an effort to get back to their independent roots, they founded Loveshack Entertainment and received a government grant on the back of a pitch involving nothing but square bits of paper with stickman drawings on them.

It’s an interesting new concept that hasn’t been done before, so make sure to check out the trailer and see what you think:


Source: Kotaku 

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