Work Space Desk Has Built-In Sound System [Pics]

Work Space Desk Has Built-In Sound System [Pics]

The Podpad from RUPHUS is a modern workspace that sleekly combines technology, design and functionality.

Daniela Walker

Ruphus, the product design arm of Raphael Design, a design firm in Portland, Oregon,  has created a work space that functions as both a piece of wall art and a functional desk and audio system.

ruphus podpad5

ruphus podpad4

The Podpad, which takes inspiration from a shadow box design, features different compartments for an iPhone charging dock and storage as well as a fold-down desktop. It also has integrated wireless speakers and folds up easily to look like a wooden mounted design piece. It is compact and functional, whilst also being a streamlined piece of modern woodworking.


ruphus podpad3

ruphus podpad


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