Emergency Shelter Falls From The Sky For Immediate Disaster Relief

Emergency Shelter Falls From The Sky For Immediate Disaster Relief

The LifeBox can support a family 4 during natural disasters.

Serena Chu
  • 19 december 2013

During natural disasters or war-time crises, one can only hope to have a temporary shelter to call home. Pop-up housing, like IKEA’s flat-pack refugee home, has become a major area of concentration for architects.

Having survived a severe 7.6 magnitude earthquake as a child, industrial designer Adem Önalan pledged to create a structure that could benefit survivors for a decent amount of time. With the help of design consultancy Designum, Önalan introduced the LifeBox – an air-droppable disaster recovery box that unfolds into a 4-person shelter and includes supplies.


Life Box is this year’s Red Dot award winner, and will be a part of the designer’s grandeur scheme of emergency products. While the most attractive feature of the project is its deployment method, the Life Box can serve purposes on land as well. When raised, the Life Box can last up to two weeks, and features a shock-absorbent foam floor to make the unfortunate circumstances a little more bearable.

Önalan even took into consideration the mobility of the structure when it is not in use. One LifeBox weighs about 165 pounds, and can be carried by two men. To give you a better idea what those numbers represent, a 50-foot-long truck can carry up to 192 LifeBoxes, which means 786 displaced people can have a roof over their heads during times of need.


Source: Co exist

Image: Red Dot


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