Artist Renders Classic Paintings In LEGO

Artist Renders Classic Paintings In LEGO

Paintings such as the 'Mona Lisa' and 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' are recreated with LEGOs to demonstrate that the popular plastic bricks can turn anyone into an artist.

Kristen Nozell

Italian artist Marco Sodano has created a concept ad campaign for the iconic LEGO brand using the popular toy bricks to recreate famous paintings. So far, the campaign includes Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa¬†and Lady with an Ermine, and Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, as shown on the artist’s Behance profile. The proposed tagline “All the children are authentic artists with LEGO” reinforces Sodano’s conviction that art is a game and that anyone can become a great artist.

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Source: Design Taxi

Images: Behance

PSFK Writer Kristen Nozell