Fake Goldmine Acts As Non-Traditional Sunglasses Store [Pics]

A popup shop in NYC is showing off their eyewear in a shipping container.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on December 17, 2013. @leahgonz

As part of BOFFO Building Fashion 2013, design studio Neiheiser & Valle created a unique way to present sunglasses by designer Linda Farrow by filling a shipping container with stone chips and golden beams which were used to show off the sunglasses.

The shipping container is surrounded by and filled with piles of stone chips. Golden beams are embedded horizontally on the piles and the sunglasses are displayed on the golden beams. The piles are also gathered against mirrored walls, which give the illusion of endless dunes.

The popup shop opened at the SuperPier site in New York City and will continue until December 24th.


Source, Images: Dezeen