Doggy Headset Translates Animal Thoughts Into Human Language

Doggy Headset Translates Animal Thoughts Into Human Language

No More Woof uses EEG readings to let you communicate with your pup.

Ross Brooks

The only way to talk to animals before now was to hire the services of Dr. Dolittle, but a team from the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery may have a more technological solution. No More Woof is a headset that uses micro computing and EEG to analyse animal thought patterns and spell them out in Human Language.

Among the patterns the team have found so far include; “I’m Tired”, “I’m Hungry” and the particularly intense brain activity when a dog sees a new face that translates as “Who ARE you?”. The device can only translate dog to English for now, but there are plans for Mandarin, French, and Spanish versions in the future.


Every mammal creates and transports “thoughts” the same way, as a swarm of electrical signals through a complex neurosystem. It has long been possible to record this activity through Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings, however every species uses its own unique structure. As the No More Woof team put it: “You could say that all creatures speak the same language only with varying dialects,” but as animal brains are less complex than humans, their signal patterns are more distinct for feelings of anger, curiosity and tiredness.

All of this means that you could soon be having a two-way conversation (of sorts) with your canine companion. One thing the team wants to make clear is that it that the headset is still a work in progress, and everything they receive via Indigogo will increase the possibility of a polished version further down the line.

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