3D-Printed Sound Comes To Life With Augmented Reality [Video]

3D-Printed Sound Comes To Life With Augmented Reality [Video]

The future of music is looking bright for the visualization of sound waves.

Serena Chu

Interaction designer Lukasz Karluk sees sound in a more tangible way, and hopes others will appreciate what he finds to be beautiful. The HoloDecks project explores the transformation of sound though a different kind of media, one that involves computer rendering and 3D sculpting.


To formulate his ideas, Karluk used a custom application built in openFrameworks to create visual abstractions of the audio track Zebra, by Oneohtrix Point Never. The visualization is set on a disc, a ubiquitous form associated with modern music storage. Through the naked eye, you will only see the physical sculpture of the data. But using a mobile device, you will see another layer of audio reactive visuals mapped to the object, a mesmerizing display of color, geometric shapes and patterns.

The custom built HoloDecks Swirl audio sculpture is offered in other materials, and you can find them here.

Take a look at the demonstration video below, and experience music through 3D design.



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