Hybrid Cards Combine Multiple Holidays [Pics]

Hybrid Cards Combine Multiple Holidays [Pics]

Continuing an agency tradition, Colle+McVoy has released their latest series of holiday cards celebrating made-up, hybrid occasions.

by Ryan Gerhardt
  • 6 december 2013

Just in time for the holiday season is Colle+McVoy’s 2014 Holiday Mashup card set. This year, save time by sending half as many cards.

Their fourth annual ‘all-set card set,’ is a series of letter-pressed holiday cards that combine 16 traditional celebrations into 8 newly created holidays.

Making the usual unusual, the new holidays cards celebrate:


Ground Patty’s Day

Valentino de Mayo

Mo-Fa’s Day

Laborial Day




Colle+McVoy is a full-service agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Somewhat of an established tradition at this point, agency holiday cards are all about creativity. While we are upset there’s no Festivus card, what’s more creative than making up your own holiday?

Check out all the various cards below:



Sources: Colle+McVoy

Images: Colle+McVoy

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