11 Things You Need to Know Today

11 Things You Need to Know Today

Nursery-school kids are struggling with basic pen and pencil skills, New York Magazine is scaling back its publishing, and more.

Rachel Pincus

Mobile shopping is up this Thanksgiving. i4U

Creative employees don’t always make good managers. Quartz

Instagram may add email addresses – and messaging? The Drum

Price comparison websites are now available for solar energy. Business Insider

A new TNT series will post the script of its first episode on Twitter. New York Times

Nursery-school children are struggling with basic motor skills because of iPads. Daily Mail

Twitter skews young, but it didn’t always. All Things D

The Wild Network wants parents to swap sticks and rocks for their children’s iPads. The Guardian

100 self-driving Volvos will soon descend upon Gothenburg. The Telegraph

New York Magazine is scaling back to a larger biweekly issue. USA Today

This year’s Thanksgiving was the busiest day for Instagram ever. Digital Spy


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