iPad Game Pairs Players WIth Strangers To Master Hard Levels [Video]

Drei emphasizes logic and collaboration, with the aim of getting players to figure puzzles out together.

Drei is an iPad game about logic, skill and collaboration. It pairs strangers to help them figure out puzzles together instead of focusing on a sole winner and a pop-up panel lets players communicate with each other.

Created by Etter Studio, Drei connects players across the world to help each other in the battle against gravity while things like explosives, thunderstorms and incompetent colleagues get in the way.

iPad Game Pairs Players WIth Strangers To Master Hard Levels [Video]

The game has 48 levels to master, features beautifully animated characters and sound design, real-time physics, and 3D rendering. Drei features a universal communication tool which allows players to speak to other, from wherever they are, with support for 18 different languages.

Each character has its own instrument and as they work together they form Drei’s unique universal orchestra, creating their very own musical landscape, inspired by archaic instruments and ancient melodies. You can check out the game trailer below:


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Images: Drei