Jaguar Debuts Five Concept Products Inspired By The F-Type Sports Car

A pet carrier, table and picnic basket get reimagined based on the company's iconic design and tech.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on December 25, 2013. @DavePinter

Making a first visit to the US during 2013 Design Miami, Wallpaper* Handmade has been a feature event during Milan Design Week for the past four years; spotlighting established and emerging designers who produce products largely by hand. To coincide with the recent debut of the Jaguar F-Type, the brand commissioned both independent and staff studio designers to create five products inspired by the sports car’s spirit and technology.

jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_2 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_5

Revolution, designed and realized by Mortiz Waldemeyer

Using thousands of the same LEDs fitted in each F-Type, Waldemeyer’s light fixtures explore the idea of mechanical beauty. Each of the motorized fixtures constantly rotate creating an ever changing array of illuminated shapes. Waldemeyer wanted to transport viewers inside the interior mechanical core of a Jaguar and reveal the engines’ hidden beauty.


Diptych:  LANDSCAPE II, designed by Fredrikson Stallard

LANDSCAPE II is a sculpture inspired by an English countryside drive in an F-Type by Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard of design studio Fredrikson Stallard. The work interprets the rolling hills and valleys in hand polished aluminum, the same material used to make the F-Type’s body.


“WILD FEAST”, designed by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Shanghai, China based Neri&Hu is an architecture and design practice with a multi-cultural staff. They chose to create a Chinese interpretation of a traditional British-style picnic basket. “WILD FEAST” mixes handcrafted wood with carbon fiber, a combination that pairs with the automotive heritage of the F-Type and its use of modern materials.

jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_3 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_4

Toutou Pet Transporter, designed by Mathieu Gustafsson

Mostly overlooked in automotive interior design is creating space for pets to travel safely and comfortably. Mathieu Gustafsson created a custom hand-made pet transporter designed to fit specifically on the F-Type’s passenger seat. The pet carrier mirrors the attention to detail, deployment of high quality materials and future classic potential found in the design of the F-Type.

jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_6 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013_7

Table F, designed by Jaguar Advanced Design, produced by Salvatori

Jaguar’s direct contribution to the collection is a marble table designed and realized using a combination of hand and digital production techniques. A hand sketch of the initial idea was translated into a 3D computer model and refined. Starting with a solid block of marble, Italian master stone shapers Salvatori used the 3D model to program a milling machine to carve the rough form. The final step involved many man hours of careful shaping and smoothing by hand to get the final smooth and flawless finish. The design of the table is meant to visually expresses speed and lightness. A subtle lozenge shape pattern on the surface is recalls Jaguar’s Heritage logo.

The collection is slated to tour to select design fairs in 2014 and unofficial word it that it will be staged during the NYCxDesign Week next May in New York City. Here’s a photo tour of the exhibition including pics of Jaguar’s C-X17 concept vehicle.

jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-40 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-58 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-13 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-12 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-16 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-17 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-20 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-21 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-24 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-26 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-27 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-28 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-29 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-33 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-35 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-36 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-37 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-39 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-43 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-31 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-49 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-34 jaguar_handmade_design_miami_2013-45

Source: Jaguar
Photos: Jaguar Concept Products[Jaguar], Exhibition[Dave Pinter]