Jawbone Collaborates With Artists To Bring Data Tracking To Life

Infographic tells the story of people's sleeping habits across the country.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 5, 2013. @greenidealism

Wearable technology might seem like a great way to improve our lives, but the truth is that all that data is just noise if it isn’t expressed properly. That’s why Jawbone have teamed up with artist Shantell Martin, a talented illustrator and storyteller, for their latest UpxArt initiative. The project illuminates a wide range of fascinating insights on sleep that were acquired from Jawbone’s UP community.

One interesting highlight from the infographic shown below is the fact that UP commuters in New York who live more than five miles away from work sleep 54 minutes less per work week than those only one mile away. This compares with people in Los Angeles, who only sleep 39 minutes less. Another is that people who read tend to go to bed earlier, as well as wake up earlier. Bookworm states include Arizona, Maine, and Washington.

Take a look through the infographic and you will also discover some of the country’s more interesting sleeping habits:

jawbone4 Jawbone-Shantell-Martin-sleep-infographic


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