Discarded Fans Find New Homes As Colorful Lamps [Pics]

Discarded Fans Find New Homes As Colorful Lamps [Pics]

Designer Sep Verboom transforms waste into modern products.

Leah Gonzalez

Belgian product designer Sep Verboom buys old electric fans from junk shops in Cebu, Philippines and transforms them into modern and colorful lamps.

For his Fantasized project, Verboom takes the frames of the old electric fans and weave industrial waste strips through it to create colorful patterns.


For his graduation project, the designer met Cebu city councilor Hon. Nida Cabrera, who challenged Verboom to create a new recycled product out of waste found in the city. The designer packed his bags and soon found himself in Barangay Luz in Cebu City where he noticed that waste and environmental awareness is a big issue, thus the Fantasized project was born.

The project won second place in the 2012 OVAM Ecodesign Awards for students.

The project not only helps raise environmental awareness, but also helps support locals with their livelihood, especially after the recent devastating typhoon.

Check out the lamps below:



Source: DesignMilk

Images: Fantasized