LED Walkway Sings Christmas Carols To Passersby [Video]

The Infinite Choir injects some Christmas spirit into Sydney, Australia.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 13, 2013. @greenidealism

A new installation has popped up at a mall in Sydney to try and instil some Christmas spirit in shoppers as they pass by. The Infinite Choir consists of two rows of abstract, human-shaped sculptures with speakers instead of heads that start singing when people trigger one of their proximity sensors.

The City of Sydney commissioned Iris and Eness to build the digital choir as part of a three year deal to provide Sydneysiders and visitors with a “magical Christmas playground.” Each of the 16 “singers” is fitted with a pre-recorded voice that sings an angelic, wordless phrase – just in case you were expecting actual Christmas carols.


If you happen to be in Australia, the Pitt Street Mall in Sydney will be home to the Infinite Choir until December 25th – which gives you plenty of time to go and get in the spirit of things. For everyone else, you can watch the short video below to get the same effect.

Infinite Choir

Source: CNET

Images: Eness

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