LEGO Computer Combines Old And New Apple Technologies [Video]

Timelapse video shows the brand's evolution go full circle

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 10, 2013. @greenidealism

Jason Kinsella and Charlotte Bakken are both advertising professionals working in Oslo, Norway, who wanted to recreate a design classic with a modern twist. Their project is testament to how a brand can come full circle from its inception, to its present state. They applied this principle to Apple, and used a healthy dose of LEGO to demonstrate the brand’s evolution.

Kinsella and Bakken (both big fans of LEGO) recreated a scale model of the 1984 classic, Apple Macintosh. Then with a few simple adjustments to the design, they were able to incorporate the Apple iPad into the design. The result is a super cool looking place to dock your iPad, read the newspaper, or watch a film.

Check out the video of their process below.

Jason Kinsella / Charlotte Bakken

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