McDonald’s France Pokes Fun At American Stereotypes [Video]

McDonald’s France Pokes Fun At American Stereotypes [Video]

The ads feature characters newly associated with the country.

Leah Gonzalez

McDonalds France has recently released ads that promote their new sandwiches using supposed stereotypes of Americans.

The ads feature cops, a hockey player, and a sexy Baywatch lifeguard, all attempting to take the new sandwiches from the people who are currently eating them.

The ads have gained attention because of their amusing take on American stereotypes and behavior.

The ads are part of a promotion called Breads & America and are meant to promote the company’s new line of burgers on American bread: The Grand Bagel Cheese,┬áDouble Shiny Bacon, and Double Cornbread BBQ.

Check out the ads below.

McDonalds France

Source: Adweek, Consumerist

Images: McDonalds France

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