Mood-Sensing Sweater Enables People To Wear Feelings On Their Sleeves [Video]

An externalized expression of intimacy that changes color depending the wearer’s mood.

If mood rings weren’t enough, Sensoree designed a sweater that interprets and displays the wearer’s mood as an interactive light show. Without the fashionista saying a word, her feelings are revealed in an exciting arrangement of color. The GER: Mood Sweater is lined with sensors that can pick up the wearer’s ever-changing levels of excitement.

In an attempt to “externalize intimacy,” this high-tech sweater will present a matching color to accurately depict the wearers current emotion. For example, the color will slowly turn blue if calm, and purple if excited. While this idea might be a too excessive for casual wear, it is still an interesting project in the realm of wearable technology.

Here is a video to give you a better idea of the MOOD Sweater.

GER: Mood Sweater

Source, Video: Sensoree