Beer Brand Offers Taxi Rides If Passengers Talk Up Their Brews [Video]

Newcastle created a campaign to promote the new Cabbie black ale by offering transport for press.

Beer brand Newcastle promoted its newest beer, the black ale Newcastle Cabbie, by attaching a huge megaphone on top of a black British taxi in Los Angeles and offered bar hoppers a free ride around town, but only if they advertise the new beer through the giant megaphone.

The riders had to keep reading Newcastle’s ad copy or else their ride would end. The campaign video proudly proclaimed that there 67 noise complaints during the campaign, but that it was all worth it since they were able to bring home 54 bar hoppers.


Newcastle also partnered with leading taxi app Taxi Magic, which offer consumers a $5 credit to cab rides booked via the app.

The campaign was created with agency Droga5.

The video below shows clips from the cabbie rides.


Source: Co.Create