Nike Captures The Feeling Of Running With Abstract Animation [Video]

The sports brand commissioned FIELD to create four video artworks for the launch of the new Hyperfeel shoe.

Global sportswear brand Nike commissioned digital art and design studio FIELD to create Hyperfeel, a set of four “video artworks” that capture the feeling of running on different terrains like trail, sand, grass, and tarmac.

The animations were computer-generated and were modeled after real human movements. The details and running motions were hand animated and customized for each type of terrain. The FIELD team focused on the sensations that they wanted to present in the video artwork and made the animations as minimalist and raw as possible.


The studio worked with Audionerve for the sound design and audio production.

The video art series was created for the launch of the new Hyperfeel shoe and was installed at selected special edition outlets, including stores in London, Milan, and Tokyo.

Take a look at the series below.